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BlackVue DR750X-1CH Plus Review

BlackVue DR750X-1CH Plus Review

 At $279.99, the BlackVue DR750X-1CH Plus is priced like a premium dash cam, but works more like a midrange model. It supports smartphone and cloud connectivity, includes a 32GB memory card for local storage, and can run while your car is off to keep an eye on it while parked. Its unobtrusive design saves space on your window, but it lacks a display, so you'll need to use a smartphone app to see through its lens. We're a bit disappointed by the video it captures, which puts preference on a quick 60fps capture rate over resolution. And the DR750X-1CH Plus costs even more if you add accessories and options such as LTE connectivity, which is a lot to ask for a dash cam with so-so video. You're better off our Editors' Choice winner, the Garmin Dash Cam 66W, which offers more features for $250, while the $90 Papago GoSafe 535 is a good alternative if you're on a budget.

Small and Simple

One advantage of the BlackVue DR750X-1CH Plus is that it’s small and easily blends into your vehicle when mounted near the rearview mirror. But because the 12-volt power cord connector is on the inside section of the unit, it can be difficult to access no matter which side of the mirror it’s mounted on.

BlackVue DR750X-1CH Plus on windshield

A supplied power cord can be hardwired to your vehicle if you want to have the BlackVue DR750X-1CH Plus always on to take advantage of its parking monitor mode. BlackVue also supplies cable clips and a pry tool to make it easier to run and hide the power cable behind vehicle panels. You can add an LTE module for an always-on cellular connection as well, but it pushes the price $169 higher.

On the same side as the power connector is a Wi-Fi button and a USB port for connecting the camera to a computer to view video files. The memory card slot, for microSD cards, is on the same side, behind a cover. A 32GB card is included. On the opposite side of the circular dash cam is a proximity sensor and indicator LED for the parking mode. You can touch it or wave a finger within about half an inch of it to change between always-on recording, manual recording, or off.

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