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Intel 'Alder Lake' Processor Specs Leak

 Intel 'Alder Lake' Processor Specs Leak

intel is planning to launch its 12th-generation (Alder Lake) Core processors in the second half of this year, but it looks as though the specs for three of those chips has leaked ahead of any official announcement.

Alder Lake processors will take advantage of a hybrid architecture consisting of high-performance (Golden Cove) cores and high-efficiency (Gracemont) cores. As VideoCardz reports, the leaked specs confirm the hybrid nature of these new processors. These specifications appeared after Intel sent out qualifications samples to the company's partners, which means they are unlikely to change before being mass produced.

The three chips are unlocked K-series processors, consisting of a Core i9-12900K, Core i7-12700K, and Core i5-12600K. The spec for each breaks down as follows, with P-Core and E-Core referring to the performance and efficiency cores respectively:

Core i9-12900K
P-Core 1-2C 5.3GHz/8C 5.0GHz

E-Core 1-4C 3.9GHz/8C 3.7GHz

30MB L3 Cache


Core i7-12700K
P-Core 1-2C 5.0GHz/8C 4.7GHz

E-Core 1-2C 3.8GHz/4C 3.6GHz

25MB L3 Cache


Core i5-12600K
P-Core 1-2C 4.9GHz/6C 4.5GHz

E-Core 1-2C 3.6GHz/4C 3.4GHz

20MB L3 Cache


The Core i9 is the only chip to offer 16 cores, whereas the Core i7 is limited to 12 cores and the Core i5 to 10 cores. Even so, that's an improvement on the maximum of eight cores available for existing Rocket Lake processors, and the clock rates have improved slightly when comparing the Golden Cove performance cores to Rocket Lake chips.

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