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Origin PC's Big O (Yep) Merges a Gaming PC and Console


Origin PC's Big O (Yep) Merges a Gaming PC and Console

Combining a gaming PC, console, and an optional capture card into one machine, this triforce of systems merges two worlds that perhaps until today wouldn't even want to be seen in the same room together, let alone share the same cooling system.

The Big O is two gaming machines in one: either an Xbox One or a PS4, broken down and attached to the same liquid cooling system as a fully customized gaming PC. Users will even have the option to add an SSD to the console (for an added cost, of course), reducing load times over the HDD that's traditionally installed in today's consoles.

Corsair Big O PS4

After checking out the system myself, I'm not entirely sure who it's for, truth be told. Origin says that after announcing the system in July 2019, excited fans repeatedly asked when the system would be available. So there are at least a few people out there looking forward to this Frankenstein's monster of a machine.

The Big O is on sale today starting at $2,499; it goes up from there depending on your own customized configuration, including the parts inside the PC, the console you choose, and whether or not the capture card is included.

For those awaiting details on next-gen consoles, meanwhile, Microsoft's Phil Spencer was at CES to tease the processor that will power the new Xbox, IGN reports. Over at Sony, all we got was the new logo, which basically swaps the 4 for the 5 in the current PS4 logo.

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