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Ripl Software

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Ripl mobile app is a new social media app that makes it easy to animate your static images. Combining images, text, hashtags, links and animations into a shareable video to  your social media profiles has never been so easy.


How Ripl Mobile App Works

A user is able to add text and/or hashtags to include in posts. You can also include a destination URL. To make your content more unique, you are also able to select different fonts, text styles, and filters. This allows you to choose from different designs and customizes the post style, including the animation piece.


With Ripl mobile app, a user can choose to upload their own photograph as a background or use one of the stylish background images/templates that are already available within the app. For an added element, the user can also add music if they choose. Once the user has finished their animated photo, they can share it to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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